Championing Global Goals

By Eah Antonio

Imagine a world where there is no hunger, where people are healthy and live comfortably in safe communities where peace and justice reign, and where people and institutions are engaged in productive relationships that lead to better quality of life for everyone.

That is the world the young people of today dream of. With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals as a framework, the 2030 Youth Force in the Philippines, Inc. (YFPH) engages the youth and other sectors in society to take the path towards sustainable development. YFPH is anchored to the 2030 Youth Force in the Asia Pacific, formed under the initiative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and UN Volunteers.

It has been almost three years since our organization was founded in the Philippines. Today, YFPH already has over 2,500 member-advocates across the country supporting the movement for the Global Goals. As a registered non-stock, not-for-profit organization under the Securities and Exchange Commission, the organization has made over 400 external engagements and online campaigns, reached over a million people online and about 90,000 on-ground. With our partners and volunteers, we have launched projects and events in different regions of the country. We are grateful for all these.

As we envision a richer year that will create relevant impact in various communities and in the lives of the people living there, we like you to see and be part of these goals. Today, we are proud to be forging ties with the Daily Guardian who has committed to support the efforts for the SDGs through publishing relevant articles and advocacy reporting. We can never underestimate the role that the media plays in shaping our culture and society. Let us accomplish more this 2019.


Join us. Be our partner in building a better world for everyone through the Global Goals. You may register
The 2030 Youth Force in the Philippines Inc. is a finalist at the U.N. SDG Action Awards, a recognition conferred upon initiatives and organizations that have proved to be innovative and exemplary in the pursuit of achieving the SDGs. Make YFPH the People's Choice in the Mobilizer category by voting on socialmedia:

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