Character Feature: The Neophytes

By Titus Villanueva

Mutants. Heretics. Traitors. Freaks. These are only a few names given to the bastard children of the Genestealer Cult. They are the third to fourth generation of a terrible cycle that started out, as the popular song goes, with a kiss.

When a genestealer finds its way onto an unsuspecting planet, it impregnates a host from among the planet’s inhabitants with an act called the ‘genestealer’s kiss’. The offspring born of this blasphemous union is called an acolyte, an intelligent bipedal alien-like being with three arms. Each successive generation looks less alien and more human.

It is here that we’ve reached the third and fourth generations who appear to be malformed humans. In a world where all sorts of factors can cause humans to mutate in appearance, they fit quite well in working-class societies, obedient slaves to the Imperium.

What their masters don’t realize is that they bear zealous loyalties to their ancestor, the genestealer and its eldritch kin, waiting to descend from the stars whom they see as gods. Because of their unique quality for discipline (being religious will sometimes do that to you), they end up rising through the ranks of the workforce and sometimes even the military.

When the time comes, they will arm the masses and begin the great revolution, arming themselves with mining tools and those weapons they were given to guard their mines. They take control of great machines and deadly devices and turn them on the masters who had oppressed them for so long.

It is only a matter of time to the day of ascension!

On the table, the neophytes make for great massed infantry! They’re exceptionally brave and with the right leadership, they hold the line better than even Imperial Guardsmen. They can be equipped with autoguns or shotguns, but more importantly, also have access to flamethrowers, mining lasers and machine guns. In large numbers, they’ve done a good job of really stressing out my opponents.