Custom Marvel Legends Anansi (Spider-God)!

By Joshua Adrian Aristoza

For a brief background, Kwaku Anansi is an African spider-god, a trickster figure who is the subject of many myths and legends – many of which were of his own invention (Marvel Database website, 2007).

This custom figure was made from a Speed Demon body, with re-casted feet from Jackal and a re-casted Purpleman head. I re-sculpted the head so it had a tribal mask over the eyes, then feathers and new hair were sculpted from procreate. I made him a removable beaded necklace, as well as a cloth skirt, the ropes of which were sculpted from scratch using procreate to retain flexibility. I then sculpted the biceps and ankle bands, and gave him some beaded bracelets.

Everything was then painted with my usual shadows and highlights and sealed with a matte coat to protect the paint.