Gearing up for the Apocalypse! 

By Joshua Adrian Aristoza

Jean Grey has donned a lot of costumes over the years, from her classic yellow and blue costume in the 90s to her Phoenix reincarnation ensemble shortly after. With the recently released Dark Phoenix X-Men movie, we get to see Fox’s final take on the iconic storyline that has been a part of Jean Grey’s identity for years.

Let’s take a trip to the comics side of the X-Men franchise, with my custom Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey!

This is the costume she donned when Apocalypse took over the world in the AoA storyline. The figure is built on an ML Spiderwoman (Jessica Drew) body, with a Carol Danvers head. The jacket (collar and sleeves) were all sculpted, as well as her corset. Everything was painted with my usual shadows and highlights, and sealed with a matte coat.