Guimaras eases COVID-related restrictions, opens all ports

RG/DG file photo

Travelers are now free to enter and exit the province of Guimaras without the hassle of presenting any proof that they are COVID-19 free upon entring the island.

Governor JC Rahman A. Nava, MD issued Executive Order No. 102, series of 2022  which allows anyone, whether vaccinated or not, to enter Guimaras if they are asymptomatic.

There is no need to show a vaccination card or fill out a Health Declaration Form for those who wanted to visit the island province.

However, inbound travelers may be subjected to a screening test such as RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test if the Provincial Government of Guimaras determines that this is necessary.

Meanwhile, the said Executive Order also states that all ports in the province of Guimaras are now open for cargoes and passengers.

Passengers and Ro-Ro vessels are now free to operate based on their Certificate of Public Convenience.

The adjustments in the travel protocols is a result of a manageable number of COVID-19 cases in Guimaras and Western Visayas.

This initiative of the Provincial Government aims to revive the economy of the province by reinvigorating the island’s tourism industry.