Hotel 101 Global joins 2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit

In photo at the 2023 SelectUSA Investor Summit in Washington D.C. are the DoubleDragon/Hotel101 Global delegates with the U.S. Commercial Counselor Paul Taylor and U.S. Ambassador MaryKay L. Carlson

Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd. (“Hotel101 Global”) joined in the 2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit on May 1 to 4, 2023  in Washington D.C.

SelectUSA is the U.S. government program led by the U.S. Department of Commerce that focuses on facilitating business investment into the United States.

The summit is the top event in the United States for Foreign Direct Investment promotion, connecting investors and companies planning to expand in the U.S. to the government agencies of 50 States.

“We are delighted to be part of the Philippine delegation to the 2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit as the connections we have made this week have enabled us to significantly accelerate our process in selecting which of the ten states in the U.S. we should expand to first as well as giving us a direct line to the investment groups of the 50 U.S. states,” said Hotel101 Global CEO Hannah Yulo-Luccini.

“Joining the Select USA Investment Summit made our plan to expand in the U.S. market far more efficient and effective and it gave us more overall confidence in growing Hotel101 in the USA,” said DoubleDragon/Hotel101 Global Chairman Edgar “Injap” Sia II.

“We are excited to have Hotel101 Global join the Philippine Delegation to the 2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit. The company will play an important role in the very important business of expanding the U.S.Philippines commercial, investment, trade and economic relationship,” said Paul Taylor, the Commercial Counselor at the U.S. embassy in Manila.

The Singapore registered Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd. (“Hotel101 Global”), is the worldwide hotel expansion subsidiary of Philippine parent company DoubleDragon Corporation.

DoubleDragon targets to list its subsidiary Hotel101 Global Pte Ltd at NASDAQ (US Stock Exchange) given that eventually Hotel101 Global is expected to derive over 95% of its revenues outside the Philippines.

The first three overseas Hotel101 projects will be in Niseko Hokkaido Japan, Madrid Spain and the U.S. These first three overseas sites will serve as bridge projects to jumpstart the transition of Hotel101 to transcend beyond these first three countries and become a global brand with a truly unique business concept that can be planted in over 100 countries.

Target near term expansion roadmap for Hotel101 Global is to be in these first 25 countries by 2026 namely: Philippines, Japan, Spain, USA, United Kingdom, UAE, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France and China.

“Hotel101 Global’s unique and pioneering portable business model is geared to standardize the affordable 3star hotel segment globally. Hotel101 Global will soon be recognized as one of the most technologically advanced hotel chains across all parts of its value chain. The next version of the Hotel101 App is set to integrate the fully automated self-check-in system with IOT (Internet Of Things) capability,” said DoubleDragon Chief Investment Officer and Hotel101 Global CEO Hannah Yulo-Luccini.

“If there is one hotel chain that can optimize the use of modern technology in the global hospitality space, we believe it will be Hotel101 given its pioneering standardized single room type asset-light concept globally,” – DoubleDragon Corporation and Hotel101 Global Chairman Edgar Injap Sia II.

“Hotel101 Global is envisioned to eventually become one of the Top 5 hotel brands globally with a total room portfolio exceeding 500,000 uniform rooms operating in 100 countries by 2040,” added Mr Injap Sia.