Iloilo Millenial Vloggers

By Anja Yap Rivera

I have been traveling since I was 16 and that led to my passion for photography and filming. I just love taking digital content and compiling memories that make me feel alive. After 4 years, I made my own Youtube account. I created travel vlogs, not because I wanted to be famous, but because I just love my craft. In fact, I remember only having 10 or fewer subscribers. I couldn’t care less and I just wanted to create the visions I have inside my head. Vlog after vlog, the PR’s of Iloilo started noticing me and I received invitations to various events and media activities. At one time I was in Ilocos attending a Coachella-like event for all the bloggers in the Philippines. I met a lot of bloggers and vloggers my age and we had a lot of fun. After the Ilocos trip, I realized that Iloilo needs a media niche for millennials. A group of individuals that will tailor the media content to the preferences of our modern and younger generation. I did not want to make my own group that time because I did not want my blogger friends to think I was competing with them, so I let that idea pass. After a couple of days, the President of IYCC (Iloilo Youtube Content Creator) reached out asking for my help. He asked if I can connect him to the PR of a hotel. He knew me because of a vlogger friend I have in Bacolod, who I also met in Ilocos. So the idea popped into my head again and I said: “why don’t we make a vlogger group?” I told him to gather 9 of the best vloggers he knows and right there and then I made the group and called it Iloilo Millennial Vloggers. IMV consist of 10 Ilonggo vloggers.

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