Joe willing to take blame on late pays, job orders

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo

ILOILO CITY Mayor Jose Espinosa III said he is willing to be held responsible by any delays in the salaries of workers and other transactions if there is proof.

“Kon diri sa akon ang delay then I will accept the responsibility,” Espinosa said.

This was the stand of Espinosa following the recent streamlining in the processing of the salaries of job order workers.

City Administrator Hernando Galvez earlier said that they have reduced the number of signatories in the payrolls of job order workers.

This time, the signatories are the mayor and the concerned contractors or job hires.

The City Budget Office, City Treasures Office, and the City Administrators Office were excluded because of the delay in the processing, Galvez said.

Espinosa said they streamlined the processing because of the unending complaints on delayed issuance of job orders and salaries.

“Ginkay-o gid naton kay iban ga-complain gid pirme kay delayed ang sweldo and job orders, amo na ang ginatagaan naton priority,” he stressed.

The mayor added that the streamlining would also put an end to the incessant finger-pointing to his office on the delayed salaries and job orders.

“Ako ya ang ginabasol pirme. May changes kita para madula ang mga huring-huring nga ako ga-cause sang delay,” Espinosa said.

Meanwhile, Galvez encouraged the employees of the City Hall to report the delays, particularly on the salaries and job orders to the Pag-ulikid Center.

“Pag more than half day nga delay sa biskan diin nga opisina i-report niyo sa Pag-ulikid Center

 para maplastar kon ano ang aksyon nga gakadapat,” he added.

According to Galvez, the Internal Audit Office has been instructed to evaluate, determine the reason behind the late submission and recommend the proper actions to be introduced as far as the payroll is concerned.

To prevent the “blame game,” Galvez instructed each department to assign a specific person who will be in-charge of the processing of the payroll.

“Ang kada department, assign kamo kon sin-o ang in charge sa payroll para siya ang taga-process kag ma-take sang blame, indi nga libakon niyo kon sin-o,” he said.

Galvez assured that he and the mayor will be signing all documents pertaining to the salaries.

“Make it a policy basta sweldo biskan diin pa kami, ma-pirma gid kami. Pagsugata niyo kay mayor biskan sa elevator kon may papirmahan, basta sweldo lang, willing gid na siya magpirma,” he said.

Meanwhile, Galvez said that he will be meeting with the job hires of the different offices in order to relay the new procedures.