Lenses by UPDC: Should the Philippines Impose Sex Education?

Sex Education has been a subject of public debate ever since, most especially in a predominantly Catholic country such as the Philippines. Even in this modern society, some people still disagree with the practice of teaching Sex Education. Perhaps, it might only do more harm to its constituents and that it is not the only solution to the skyrocketing number of HIV and teenage pregnancy cases. On the other hand, Sex Education is allowed by others because of its intent to eradicate sexual ignorance and sex’s taboo implications. Given both, should the Philippines finally consider Sex Education in its curriculum?



  1. Sex Education educates people about sex which is normal and not a taboo.

In this contemporary world, sex is normal. It is a part of an individual’s journey to adulthood as well as the person’s sexual awakening regardless of religion. Branding it as a taboo will only boost sexual ignorance, prompting people to seek answers on their ways. As they say, curiosity kills the cat; sexual interest will then drive the children to hunt for the knowledge they are restricted to learn, which is worse and which might lead to unfavorable scenarios. If appropriately implemented to the suitable childhood age, Sex Education is a better solution than leaving them to discover it through inappropriate learning resources. It will educate them the importance of safe sex that will lessen the numbers of uneducated sex which mostly yields to undesirable consequences.

  1. Sex Education is not just about sex; it also tackles sexuality and STD prevention.

Sex Education can reduce the causes of teenage pregnancy and promote family planning because it clarifies the grey area about sexuality and safe sex practice. The benefits of Sex Education is not only limited to the parties but also the greater collective. The parents of the children will have the assurance that their children have adequate and proper knowledge about sex. It will also impart to the students the appropriate timing and planning to bear a future family which has significant socioeconomic implications. Sex Education will also prevent the spread of STDs and early pregnancies in a way that it intends to boost awareness about safe sex.

Moreover, Sex Education will bring light to the people about their sexuality. It will awaken and liberate the individuals about their real persona which is a form of sexual empowerment. Sex Education will educate the masses about the fluidity of gender that will aid people to embrace themselves, which then erases the stigma about different sexualities.



  1. Sex Education encourages promiscuity among children.

The imposition of Sex Education might be wrongly misinterpreted by many as a sort of encouragement to be promiscuous. Since it normalizes the practice of sex, then it might teach to the mindsets of the constituents to philander. Early initiation of sexual activity and high numbers of non-marital sex might affect the person emotionally, mentally, and physically. First of all, the more sexual partners one has, the higher the chances the person will get an STD or cancer. Additionally, promiscuity might lead to depression because one is not able to sustain a loyal and stable relationship. Third, Sex Education will teach to the minds of the children the pressure to experience intercourse for the sake of self-concept. It will affect one’s mental health in a way that being sexually-experienced nowadays is sometimes misinterpreted as a standard of having a relationship. It forces people to undergo sex even if they are still unready because of the norm.

  1. Patriarchy takes advantage of the sex culture that Sex Education normalizes.

Sex Education might normalize the practice of sex, but patriarchy takes advantage of this. Sexual predators are still prevalent nowadays. They target those who are sexually weak, especially first-timers. In this case, Sex Education might contribute more harm because it is being weaponized by the powerful to prey and abuse the powerless sexually. It will only intensify the oppression that patriarchy has caused over centuries. Slut-shaming women who are sexually active will worsen. Sexual harassment cases will rise because of the bothersome sexual persuasion and forced sexual consent that will affect every victim holistically.