My First Bonereapers: Vokmortian’s Retinue

By Titus Villanueva

It’s finally finished! I decided to start my Ossiarch Bonereapers army by buying half of the Feast of Bones set. Of course when I say I bought half, I mean I’m still looking for someone to buy the ogre part of the set from me. After more than half a month’s worth of work, I’ve finally finished my first battalion of skeletal warriors to fight for Lord Nagash.

It consists of ten Mortek Guards, sturdy shield-bearing footsloggers who make up most of the front line, three Necropolis Stalkers, vicious four armed giants with four faces whose behavior and strengths change depending on which face is looking at the enemy, two Morghast Harbringers, skeletal angels stuffed with the souls of the fallen, all led by Vokmortian, Master of the Bone-Tithe.

They’re hardly a group that will win me competitive battles, but they’re enough for me to learn exactly how to paint these guys. I decided to challenge myself by painting them in the scheme of the Crematorian legions. They’re made of charred bone that encases powerful magic that explodes upon the destruction of their bodies (which is fine because we can always just pick up the pieces and put them back together, yes that’s an actual rule) to damage any enemies that may be near them.

Painting black is hard enough considering how hard it is to shade and highlight, but the real challenge was getting all the cracks in their bodies to glow. It’s several layers of paint and a lot of meticulous fine brushing. I might write an article just about how to make that glow work after so much trial and error and consulting people who were better painters than I am.

I’m looking forward to painting the rest of the army too. Next up, I’ll go work on some endless spells…

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