Narrative Campaign in Progress: The Ghost in the Machine

By Titus Villanueva

Warhammer 40k is D&D on steroids. That might be the third time I’ve said that in an article. It’s a week into our campaign at The Dragon Forge entitled The Ghost in the Machine, a gripping tale about an uprising on the planet Krauser II and the war that ensued.

A narrative campaign is a way of playing Warhammer 40k with several people that takes place over many matches. Compared to a tournament, this format is more focused on telling a story rather than trying to see who is best at playing the game. Players take on different roles and play them to the best of their ability. It’s very much a tabletop RPG with a thousand miniature figures.

So far, the rebels have taken quite the beating as the several different factions arrived. Ultramarines and the Sisters of Silence have made their entry into the fray, surprising everyone with their Tau allies. The local defense forces and the Adeptus Mechanicus attempt to hold the planet as their loyalist allies come. Ghosts of long-dead Cadian Guardsmen have been seen on the battlefield as well, fighting for their Emperor even beyond the grave. Orcs, Drukhari and the forces of Chaos have also arrived, drawn in by the vulnerability of the planet in this time of crisis.

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Just recently, Leia Skullscream, the leader of the resistance has found a way to turn the ghosts against the Imperium and activates a sleeper agent within the Imperial ranks who just so happens to be the leader of the Mechanicus.

It’s this melting pot of narrative stories that really remind us why we love Warhammer 40k. The best part of all of this is that we’re all telling this story together with models we’ve spent hours painting and it feels like it’s truly our own.