New Year, New Army

So it’s been nearly three years since I set off on this hobby and I’m still pretty hooked. I wouldn’t be surprised if I stay hooked on this forever. A few months ago, Games Workshop announced a new faction in their fantasy wargame, Age of Sigmar. I’ve never played Age of Sigmar, but I know it’s got a pretty decent following in the Philippines. People are drawn in by the hyperfantasy setting, the over-the-top spells and from what I’ve heard, it’s been more successful with the female demographic than Warhammer 40k.

The reason I’ve never gotten into it yet is because I’d have yet to encounter an army that pulled me in the way Genestealer Cults pulled me into 40k. Nothing yet to sate my innate desire to become its powerful commander to lead it to conquest and glory… nothing until now.

This year, I’ll be starting a new army: The Ossiarch Bonereapers. To set them apart from a normal horde of skeletons, they’re bone constructs made from the bones of the dead, put together like building blocks to form all sorts of monstrosities from hulking brutes and humanoids to giant freaking catapults. By collecting bones by extorting cities like crazed loansharks or mafia enforcers, they collect and utilize bones to grow their ranks to battle the forces of Chaos as well as Order… For only Death shall triumph in the end.

I’ve only started painting my first set and I’m looking forward to so much more. I’m also looking forward to post more Age of Sigmar content in the weeks to come.

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