Provinciana Collection for Iloilo Fashion Gala 2020

By Binky Pitogo

Women play very significant roles in our society – from caring for homes, educating children, running businesses and even governments. It is women’s creative minds that help shape our modern world. Provinciana Collection is all about recognizing that contribution – of women empowering other women in the community. We have been working alongside hablon weavers in Iloilo and piña weavers in Aklan to create a collection meant to honor the artistic skills and creative freedom of women. The designs in the collection were specifically executed by an all-women team with the millennial modern maiden and Filipina in mind – she who lives in the provinces and outskirts of our tiny archipelago, but attune to the trends of the world. We have also collaborated with young and upcoming women accessories designers in Panay. The collection highlights the importance of women working together to achieve distinct goals to help uplift and empower fellow women in the community.

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