Shaping Iloilo

The Global Shapers Iloilo Hub consists of dynamic and diverse young Ilonggos who excel in their own fields and are united by their love for Iloilo, and for the Philippines. Collectively, we aim to amplify the voice of the youth. We are proud to announce our partnership with the DAILY GUARDIAN. With our initiatives and collaborations with the private and public sectors, we hope to help shape a better Iloilo that nurtures the youth's holistic development. There are over 8,000 young people who are part of the Global Shapers Community in over 150 countries worldwide. In the Philippines, there are four Global
Shapers hubs in Cebu, Davao, Iloilo and Manila all working to amplify the voice of the youth to make a difference in their cities.

In line with this,we held KILIG KAG KASAKIT: A PASSION FAIR as part of the #ShapingIloilo initiative, our banner program. It aims to provide a platform for Ilonggos, especially the youth, to shape a better Iloilo through insights (thought leadership), interaction (events), and impact (projects and volunteerism). Our website – – was also launched at this event.

Kilig, a word that was recently included in the Oxford English Dictionary, is a uniquely Filipino expression defined as, exhilaration or elation caused by an exciting or romantic experience. The opposite of it, kasakit is a feeling of being deeply hurt, which also elicits hugot, or a deeply-rooted emotion. Our passions arise from the things that we love or from our collective pains. Whether because it made you giddy or it hurt you. These are the emotions we tap the most when we start social projects in our society.

Throughout the night, we creatively presented our diverse passions and advocacies:

The Prejudice Virus – Breaking Stigma and Discrimination around HIV and AIDS

Iloilo has one of the highest number of reported cases of HIV and AIDS with over 700 cases recorded
since 1986. Stigma and discrimination both lead to the affected people not being treated with dignity and respect. People living with HIV or AIDS often choose to suffer in silence rather than seek the help they need. We clamor to end the judgment of people afflicted with the virus.

Passion Jam: Making Social Development Fun and Relatable We also endeavored to present our social development advocacies as fun and relatable. They argue that in order to engage more young people to be active citizens, social development must be enjoyable. They used songs, poetry and spoken word to express political thought, raise awareness on the environment, and spoke about how it is also important to express yourself and tell your story — because in telling our own stories, we empower others to do the same

Our other #ShapingIloilo Projects
1. Project Kaleidoscope – an adolescent workshop series to help high school students cope with stress
2. Nurture Notes by Agubayani – a mental health workbook for self-care, self-development and community, goal-setting and habit-tracking patterned after the PERMA well-being model
3. FX Town Hall – a regular meeting of startup founders in Iloilo

4. ILOILOvation and Innovate Iloilo – a public-private initiative to promote innovation in the city
and province of Iloilo
5. #ShapingFashion – a global initiative to scale sustainable transformations in the fashion industry
through the Global Shapers network in partnership with Fashion Revolution.
For more information about #ShapingIloilo go to To learn more about the Global
Shapers Community, visit

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