Sibunag at 25: Ushering Visionary Progress and Cultural Elevation through Passion

Celebrating its 25th Silver Founding Anniversary, the Municipality of Sibunag, a fourth class municipality in the Province of Guimaras, is showcasing the best of its culture, heritage, and distinct vision of a vibrant future with a theme “Sibunag @ 25: Looking back at the past with gratitude and moving forward with fortitude” set on February 10-20, 2020.

On February 12, 8AM, the local government officials and municipal employees as well as the town’s stakeholders and NGOs headed by Sibunag Employees Association conducted the very first province-wide Grand Caravan to officially launch Sibunag’s 25th Silver Founding Anniversary. It was followed by a Boodle Fight lunch and opening of the 25th Foundation Day Sports Fest at the Municipal Covered Gym from 12pm onwards. The Sports Fest participated in by 13 barangays will continue until February 17.

The town’s cultural pride – the Balsahan Festival will be depicted through a Balsa and Motorbanca Race participated in by 13 barangays will take place at Sibunag Port in Brgy. Sebaste on February 16 from 8am onwards.

On February 17, 8am, the Championship Games for the Sports Fest will be held at Sibunag Gym. Simultaneousy, the Pamunit sa Pamanculan (Fishing at Pamanculan) that showcases the skills of local fishermen will be held at Pamanculan Island in Brgy. San Isidro.

Around 9am, the Couples’ Mangrove Planting that coincides with the town’s 25th founding anniversary will be participated in by 25 couples set for Mass Wedding together with the 50 participants from the Philippine Coast Guard.

The Sibunag 25th Silver Founding Anniversary Grand Parade kick-off at 8am on February 18 from New BFP Building going to the Municipal Sports Oval.

After the opening program, it will be followed simultaneously by the Balsahan Cultural Showcase featuring a special performance by Hubon Balsahan, Manggahan Cultural Competition 2019 Grand Champion in front of the Municipal Hall; Blood Letting Activity and Medical Mission at the Municipal Health Office; Fire Olympics at the Municipal Sports Oval; and DepEd Day at Municipal Covered Gym. The Parangal Night and Live Band will be held at Municipal Covered Gym from 6pm onwards.

On February 19, the Fun Run and Zumba will start by 6am at the town’s municipal ground. At 9am, the Sectoral Activity and IWAG Day will take place at the Municipal Covered Gym. The Mutya ng Sibunag 2020 Talents Night will be held at the Municipal Covered Gym at 6pm and will be followed by the PNP Band Showcase at 10pm.

On February 20, 8am, a thanksgiving mass will be held at the Municipal Covered Gym followed by the Civil Mass Wedding at 9am. The highly-anticitipated Mutya ng Sibunag 2020 Pageant Night set to unveil the colorful and rich culture of Sibunag featuring this year’s 7 charming candidates will happen at Municipal Covered Gym at 6pm. The coronation of the new Mutya ng Sibunag 2020 will signal the unveiling of a grand fireworks display.

“We are truly inspired and passionate to celebrate the 25th Silver Founding Anniversary of Sibunag this year because our town has come a long way as we continue our vision to touch the lives of the Sibunagnons, usher a promising pathway for steadfast progress, developments, and elevation of our tourism sector,” Sibunag Mayor Annabelle Samaniego said.

Come, visit and experience the vibrant celebrations of the Municipality of Sibunag in time for their 25th Silver Founding Anniversary. For visiting inquiries, message the Sibunag Tourism Office at 09053364039 or email