SIDNEY ECULLA X LGU IGBARAS: Fashion and Tourism Show II

By Anne Karmela Eucogco

As first of its kind, the Sidney Eculla Fashion and Tourism Show was a breath of fresh air not only to the locals of the municipality of Igbaras but to every guest who came to grace the occasion. It was inaugural – a maiden show – in the very sense that a local government unit, the Municipality of Igbaras, decided to sponsor such an event. A diversion from the usual, traditional municipal shows presented.

The activity as highlight of the 256th Founding Anniversary of Igbaras was a showcase of the world-class designs and pieces made by the internationally-renowned Igbarasnon designer, Sidney Eculla, with pieces that was displayed in a fashion expedition in the stages of Miss Universe, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

The objectives of enticing tourists had surely been met by the show. The general impression was that Igbaras is a hidden gem especially as highlighted during the show – the Parisian garden feels in the municipality’s grand fountain area, one of its tourist attractions- amplified its astonishing beauty.

Hon. Jaime E. Esmeralda, the municipal mayor whose executive agenda and priorities had major thrust on tourism had signified strong support of the local government not only to local talents who earned international attention but also to the lucrative and thriving tourism industry as the show had attracted numerous guests and left the impression that Igbaras is more than just a far-flung Southern Iloilo town bounded by the mountains. Certainly – it had more to offer.

Captivating and enchanting, just as Sidney Eculla’s collection, tourism sites such as the infamous Mt. Napulak, Nadsadjan Falls, Lagsakan Falls, Igcabugao Cave and more eco-tourism sites which promote the theme ‘coming home to nature’ was flaunted and shown to the spectators in a promotional video by local photographer, Mr. Bro Esteves before and after the show.

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