Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six!


By: Joshua Adrian Aristoza

The Sinister Six is a group of super villains who teamed up to fight Spider-Man when they realized that their combined forces can probably defeat the hero. Led by Doctor Octopus, the original villain team comprised of Electro, Vulture, Sandman, Mysterio, and Kraven the Hunter. In the comics, Spidey channeled his inner Tony Stark and prepared for the onslaught with this armor, which has safety measures installed that can counteract the specific power of each member of the S6!

Lately, two members of the original six, Vulture and Electro, have been used as a template for the meme: “Me and the boys…” alongside Rhino and Green Goblin bringing their infamy to the meme world.

This figure (the second version I’ve done) is built on a Marvel Legends Iron Patriot body. The helmet, chest piece, and gauntlets have all been re-sculpted to get as close to the comic book reference as possible. Everything’s topped off with metallic paint for the red and blue, and a flat black for the body suit.