That tells me all…

By Klaus Döring

I need to know! Know-it-all-better, who prefer an oppressing or suppressing crab mentality should be really out of place. They poison us and our dignity and our feelings of our own worth. Unfortunately, we can find these people at any corner.

I stayed in many places worldwide – places with people belonging to different kinds of religion. I really don’t care which belief people are in. Most importantly, they believe in God and they live a Christian life. I am always very happy when I find churches or prayer places – always open and filled up with praying people.

I am always very happy, when I meet hopeful and promising Christians: priests, pastors, lay people, friends, family members, who know how to share and inspire, and also know how to be patient while starting with a -maybe – “new beginning”.

I am also very happy, because I still observe infinite and endless good things every day coming into my life. Slowly but surely, I started to pay attention to such things. I observe several people, who don’t! I really try to do preliminary exercises for instance, for amazing things or just for a simple gratitude. With these attitudes I’ll be winning each battle a thousand times against those people who live believing that God’s creation goes to the dogs and kicks the bucket.

I am really happy if I meet people who understand the real meaning of responsibility. Responsibility to a child, to the family, to a company and its employees, to a public service, an association or a registered society, or anything that supports, sponsors and promotes my surroundings without being egoistic, indifferent or listless. “I don’t give a damn!”

I am always happy to notice people around me, who mean and act “YES” if they say “YES”!

I am always happy to notice something that is taken for granted: parents have time for their children and patience with the youth (really a difficult task sometimes!); someone who takes time to visit a sick neighbor or friend; someone who asks the address of a possible lonely fellow…

Every time period is in God’s hands. Let’s fulfill these periods and let’s also allow our loved-ones at our side to live the same way. Know-it-all-better, who prefer an oppressing or suppressing crab mentality should be really out of place. Unfortunately we can find such people at any corner. And, we must know how to deal with them.


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