I’m Titus Villanueva III and I’m a commission miniature painter and game master in partnership with the Daily Guardian Initiative.

A lot of people want to get into collecting or playing tabletop wargames but don’t trust themselves to translate the designs they’ve got in their imagination to the armies and stories they want to create. Want to create your own Space Marine legion but have no idea how to paint their color scheme? Hire a painter. Want your lore-accurate army to look just like how you imagined it in that book you read? Hire a painter. Its a quick way of getting into a hobby without having to do anything you yourself don’t find fun. As an RPG game master, I use my own imagination to create the worlds that surround the fictional characters my players create.

Outside the tabletop community, I’m also a comedic writer and performer. Most of my content will revolve around these three. Expect story/lore features, adventure logs from previous RPG sessions, tutorials, and insights as an artist.

Art is giving imagination physical form. I look forward to writing for you.

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