Tom Hardy Venom

Custom 1:6 scale (12 inches) Movie Venom! 

This version is a repaint of a third party “movie” venom figure released by a Hong Kong based toy company. The stock figure sported a comic logo on the chest, but it was marketed as Tom Hardy’s Venom. As with all my customs, I first took apart the figure to asses which parts would most likely result in paint rub or paint chipping. This occurs when a new coat of paint is rubbed off because of friction that happens between two pieces of plastic when the figure is moved or articulated. Once I’ve taken notes of the parts that would result in paint rub, I used sand paper to sand down these parts and take off a bit of the plastic so that there is a bit of space between the joints. Once that’s done, the sculpting and painting process can begin. 

I got rid of the chest logo using some alcohol and paint thinner, and repainted everything to a glossy black with highlights on the veins, which is what sets Tom Hardy’s Venom apart from the comics version. The stock alternate head was also a monstrosity, so I was asked to resculpt and repaint everything on it. After I was done with it, it was easily my favorite part of this custom. 

Everything was then topcoated with clear spray paint to protect the parts from fading and chipping if the figure is articulated.