Custom Marvel Legends Movie Juggernaut and Firefist (Deadpool 2)

By Joshua Adrian Aristoza

Everyone asked for him, so here’s my custom Marvel Legends scale Movie Juggernaut and Firefist (Deadpool 2)!

TLDR: COMMISSIONED. Base bodies are MS Unleashed Hulk (everything not on that body was sculpted from scratch) and Toybiz S8 Doc Ock with a resculpted face and body.

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This pair was a bit challenging to make as I had to sculpt almost everything on their base bodies. For Juggernaut, the client and I wanted the helmet to be removable (even though that’s not accurate to the film) so I had to do a lot of sculpting and resculpting to get the shape right while also making sure to leave enough space inside the helmet for the head to snugly fit into without it being scratched up. The jumpsuit was also a bit of a challenge as I wanted everything to look seamless so I sculpted the folds and seams as accurately as I could.

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Firefist aka Russel was even more challenging since the base body wasn’t the best fit for the character but it was the best available. I basically had to give him new body parts to make it look accurate. The face was also completely resculpted to make him look younger and chubbier. I’m not the best at sculpting realistic faces so be gentle.

Both of them are painted up as accurately as I’m able to do, with my usual shading and highlights plus a bit of grime here and there.