GS1 Philippines leads shift to QR code standards

GS1 Philippines is gearing up to host the GS1 Standards Week 2024 from April 23 to 26, a pivotal event focusing on the evolution of barcode technology, from the traditional linear barcode to the more information-rich 2D QR code.

The virtual event is set to attract over 5,000 member organizations and partners from GS1’s global network. Participants will engage in discussions across various sectors, including retail, healthcare, and logistics, highlighting cutting-edge barcode innovations.

A principal session will spotlight the global initiative to adopt the QR code, which represents the next wave in barcode technology, capable of holding expansive product data in a single scan. This leap in technology is expected to streamline operations within supply chains, benefiting stakeholders across the board.

Roberto “Bobby” Claudio, President of GS1 Philippines and the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA), expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming conference. “GS1 Standards Week 2024 marks a transformative milestone in our mission to drive the global supply chain industry forward. This is about ushering in a new era of digital integration, where enhanced barcode connectivity will uplift efficiency and sustainability worldwide,” Claudio declared.

By 2027, GS1 Philippines anticipates that all sectors will fully embrace 2D barcodes, aligning with the expected global readiness of retail POS scanners to process the advanced codes. The move is a significant step toward standardizing retail and supply chain transactions across the country.

The week-long agenda will also cover in-depth updates on GS1 standards, assisting businesses to align with international standards and requirements for the circular economy. Moreover, GS1’s Global Standards Management Process (GSMP) working group sessions will unite industry leaders to discuss new standards, guidelines, and solutions.

With a powerful roster of experts, GS1 Standards Week 2024 aims to be a catalyst for collaborative progress in retail supply chains through innovative barcode technology. As GS1 Philippines strives to expand its reach to 30,000 businesses by year’s end, this event is a cornerstone in the journey toward digitization and global trade efficiency.

Participants interested in shaping the future of supply chain standards are invited to learn more and register at the event’s official website.