How it All Begins

By Titus Villanueva

Ill always remember the feeling of painting my first model. I was at my friends house for his birthday and he asked me if I wanted to learn how to paint. I told him that Id try anything once. So he and a bunch of my friends got me to a workbench and gave me my first figure. It was a basic space marine which I decided I was going to paint with the Blood Angels color scheme.

At first, I had no idea what I was doing until one of my friends, a girl, pointed out that the principles were the same as putting on make-up. First, you added the primer, then the foundation (the undercoat), the contour (the shade) and finally you added the highlights with a lighter paint. It all just clicked. I wasnt a painter at the time. I was a stage actor, and make-up was what I knew.

The result was absolute rubbish, but I keep that model in my room. That space marine stands on the shelf, looking at the obscene and terrible army that grows in front of him. Hes seen the cult grow as every vehicle and cultist is birthed at my working table, each one more beautiful and elegant than the last. Perhaps he knows that he was the beginning of all this and all he can do is say to himself Emperor protect us. What have we done? as he sees the end of a world constructed before his very eyes. Golden hordes, traitor guardsmen and monsters like hed never seen. Such is the world of the grim darkness of
the 41 st millennium.

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