Stories by Qapwa

I’m popularly known here as Baby Rose. My mom gave that nickname to me. She told me that when she was pregnant, she loved holding small red roses. That’s how she decided to name me as Rosniha or Baby Rose. I love roses too and I wish we could grow them here in our backyard. My brother encouraged me to go on a vacation in Dumaguete 18 years ago. My impression then is that it is a peaceful and beautiful city. That has not changed. Since then, we haven’t left and just did occasional visits in Marawi City. I have a small business here in Dumaguete. We decided to build a life here. You’ll find me at home recently because it’s summer. There are less customers, so I have the chance to rest and if we do get extra money, we go out of town or visit the beach. I mostly enjoy playing with my grandkids, it reminds me of my children when they were still younger.