A Not So Randomly Candid Life

For others, blogging is just simple – take a photo, tell a story and share it on the internet. But for us, it’s more than that.

Blogging is our way of sharing our passion to other people and fuelling their passion at the same time. For us, blogging isn’t just about storytelling. We consider it as our way of giving our readers inspirations and ideas that can be useful to them.

We are Raymart Escopel and Nana Jover of Iloilo Bloggers, Inc. We both share the same passions – eating, traveling, trends, fashion and of course, blogging. That is why we instantly clicked as partners when it came to blogging events and collaborations.

We are here to share with you our lives as bloggers. May we inspire you with our thoughts, advocacies, and aspirations.

Nana’s ‘A Not So Secret Life’

I am Nana Jover and I founded “A Not So Secret Life” way back in 2012 as my personal diary to chronicle my love for fashion because for me, fashion is a mirror of one’s self and nothing can be psychologically more rewarding than to be able to express yourself and inspire others through it.

I joined other fashion communities such as Chictopia, Style Moi and Lookbook and was able to cultivate and establish long-term friendships from all over the world with people who share the same interests as mine. One of which is becoming the Director of “Social Media Relations to Bloggers against Social Injustice”, a blogger network comprised of contributors from around the world, uniting to end human trafficking.

My blog has garnered different international/local awards as well, such as Highest Voted blog of the month by “Blog ng Pinoy” and “Highest Voted Blog” in Fashion Category by Directory Blogspot International in April 2016.

It expanded my horizon to travel, food, and events when I joined Iloilo Bloggers Inc. Since then I have been sharing my love affair with blogging.

Get to know more about my blogging experiences and me by visiting my blog and official social media pages:

FACEBOOK: A Not So Secret Life Iloilo

INSTAGRAM: @anotsosecretlife

BLOG: www.nanajover.com


Raymart as ‘Randomly Candid’

“An adventurer who loves to document experiences, a millennial who aims to inspire others, a writer who continues to fuel his passion.” This is how I would describe myself. I am Raymart Escopel aka “Randomly Candid”.

Aside from eating, traveling, taking photos, and surfing the internet, among others, basically, I love to write.

Writing has been part of my daily routine ever since. That is the main reason why I decided to take up Journalism in college.

Prior to being a blogger, I was part of a local newspaper company as a Business and Lifestyle writer. Being part of a newspaper allowed me to hone my skills in writing. Currently, while doing blogging on the side, I’m indulging myself in the field of Public Relations and Marketing as Asst. Brand Manager in a private hospital in Iloilo.

I started blogging in 2013 as an outlet where I can air my unpublished thoughts and continue my passion being a writer. It pushes me to experience new adventures and share these unforgettable experiences to the rest of the world.

I named my blog “Randomly Candid” because it tackles everything and anything under the sun. It also perfectly describes my personality – a “random” person with a “candid” kind of life – in other words, you see what you get. The articles that I publish there are mostly random thoughts and candid posts of my adventures and travels.

Moreover, ‘Randomly Candid’ serves as a platform for me to reach a wider audience and inform the public of the latest happenings, the must-sees, and the must-tries not only in Iloilo but also in other places I travel.

Follow my adventures by checking on my blog site and social media accounts:

FACEBOOK: Randomly Candid

INSTAGRAM: @randomly_candid

BLOG: www.randomlycandid.blogspot.com