When I think back sometimes

By Klaus Döring

Not long ago, I passed a milestone marking 55 years since I began writing my first published article in a newspaper. I began keeping all the clippings since then. Time changed. Yes. I have my only online-archive. Believe me, it’s like a book. As I reread my first articles, I was amazed, I ever kept them  up.

Back to my clippings. Can you imagine that there are some benefits from keeping them? From life experiences, I see that progress and failure are both parts of my journey. My columns are mostly a view into a mirror. I am reminded of God’s grace when I read (and wrote before) how He helped me to find solutions to problems. I also gained insight from past struggles that help with issues I am currently facing. I remember one of my previous columns entitled “If failures get results”.

God has indeed been faithfully working in my life.

I read a story by Dennis Fisher, who didn’t keep publishing clippings but a spiritual journal. He advised: “Journaling may be useful to you too. It can help you see more clearly what God is teaching you on life’s journey. To begin a journal, record your struggles, reflect on a verse that is especially comforting or challenging, or write a prayer of thankfulness for God’s faithfulness.”

Our brains prioritize rewarding memories over others, and reinforce them by replaying them when we are at rest.

It may help strengthen bonds with friends and family. It makes me optimistic. Optimism is having the ability to think positively of the future, and recalling moments that made you feel courageous, happy, successful, or any other positive emotion gives you an optimistic lens to see the future through.This can help us live each day to the fullest or even help us see the beauty that is in everyday life.

Yes, I am 70 now. I will complete my biography during these days in the middle of my wonderful Philippine family.


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