Your Character, Your Model

By Titus Villanueva

You can now bring any D&D (or any RPG) character to life and use it on the tabletop. I’m not kidding. The future is here!

A friend of mine came to me and asked me to paint a model that he created on Hero Forge. Naturally, I asked him if it was 3D printed and he said yes. Immediately, I was reluctant to take this project on because 3D printing usually leaves a model chunky and has a low resolution. There will always be lines on the figure that are difficult to ignore. This makes paint behave quite strange on it and it’s really difficult to produce a quality model, but darn was I wrong.

The 3D printing services of BRD.PH produces a quality that’s as close to something made by Games-workshop or Wizards of the Coast. I didn’t keep a peso from this commission because the moment I got paid, I wanted to print and paint a model of my own.

The two models I did for this commission were an eldritch knight and a tiefling warlock, both casting magical spells which I used to create a fun little lighting effect with the use of my airbrush. A mix of contrast paints, drybrushing and basic layering was used to create the high contrast effects of the colors.

I’m very pleased with how happy the client was with the output, but I can’t stop giving credit to the in-depth hero-creation mechanics on Hero Forge as well as the printing services provided for by BRD. They will definitely see further patronage from me in the future.

I included some links below on how to avail of these services, and if you feel like you need a commission painter to bring that creation to life, I can always be found on Facebook. These models are definitely worth the money.

The pictures used are from a commission for Chrysologus Herrera created on Heroforge and printed by BRD.