Fashion Fridays by Adrian Pe

The world today is now suffering the consequences brought about by mankind’s abuse of its natural resources. Now, as climate change looms larger than it ever has, we are taking the blight of its effects; environmental contamination, disease outbreaks, and extreme weather conditions are happening as I write. Like an hourglass running out of sand, irreversible damages will be inflicted if we still continue to disrespect our planet. Now the question is — what can you do to mitigate these problems?

I have been working in our facility for 7 years now and I can see that everyday, hospitals produce wastes on a large amount. This had me wondering: “where do the hospital wastes go?” It’s a good thing that there are various competitions that are organized by the nurses’ association that promotes the use of hospital rubbish to be transformed into masterpieces. Personally, I believe that it is one effective way to address this overdue problem.

To date, we have participated in three competitions that honor the best recyclable dresses. Our journey started in the year 2015 when we bagged the first prize on the recycled dress competition organized by the Association of Nursing Service Administration of the Philippines- Iloilo Chapter (ANSAP). This success was followed in 2018, when we won, “Best in Improvised Gown” in the Mr and Ms ORNAP competition led by the Operating Room Nurses’ Association of the Philippines. And just this year, we again won “Best in Improvised Gown” for our Ms ORNAP. Our success won’t be possible if we did not work hand in hand in achieving what we envisioned. And I have experienced first-hand that teamwork is the ultimate driving force behind every success. If individually we do our part to help the environment heal, the change will not only be for ourselves, but for the next generation who will live and see the infinite splendor of our planet.

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