Our True Selves

Hi! I’m Dr. Miguel Angelo Caro, a postgraduate intern at Iloilo Doctors Hospital, and a self-taught artist. My work has been part of art exhibits by Casa Real and the Mamusa Art Gallery.I spent my childhood years in my hometown of Pototan, Iloilo. I then moved to Miag-ao for college in UP Visayas, before eventually studying medicine in WVSU.Living in the suburbs for most of my life, I developed a special connection with nature, and I try to communicate this through my paintings. It is my belief that we find our true selves through communing with nature. My preferred subjects are mountains, seas and sunsets. I also love creating still-life masterpieces. My chosen media are oil and acrylic. With this partnership with the DAILY GUARDIAN, I hope to bring feelings of peace and comfort to you through my art. I hope to empower others to tell their story in their own mediums by telling my own story through my art.