PHLPost adapts to beat scorching summer heat

As the nation braces for soaring temperatures, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) is proactively adjusting mail delivery schedules to safeguard its field workers from the risks of heat exhaustion.

With meteorologists forecasting an intense summer heat wave, PHLPost’s initiative underscores a pressing concern for outdoor workers’ health and safety.

Starting effectively, PHLPost has authorized flexible delivery times, allowing letter carriers to commence their rounds as early as 6:00 AM or no later than 7:00 AM, ensuring that all deliveries are completed by noon.

This shift not only helps avoid the hottest part of the day but also complies with the mandated eight-hour workday, redistributing remaining hours for indoor tasks such as mail sorting and system updates.

“The welfare of our letter carriers, who serve as the backbone of our postal service, is paramount,” Postmaster General Luis D. Carlos said in a press statement.

“Adapting to these weather challenges by staying hydrated and informed about heat-related illnesses is crucial for our personnel,” he added, emphasizing the importance of education on the signs and symptoms of heat stress.

Alongside rescheduling, PHLPost has also issued guidelines for heat illness prevention, including the recommendation for carriers to wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing, and hats, and to keep themselves well-hydrated during their delivery rounds.

Letter Carriers should take a break when there is prolonged exposure to heat. They should find shaded, air conditioned and well ventilated places to cool-off. After hours of exposure to the sun, they make sure to do a cool shower or sponge bath once at home.

According to PHLPost, it is important that every employee knows the signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses so that they can get medical attention if needed.

By taking these steps, PHLPost said it aims to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of mail services while prioritizing the health of its employees, setting an example of responsible and responsive workplace policies.


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